13th Annual December 2015

IMG_1993Final Results! 1st Place: Trophy Stalker 1, 135.25, 2nd Place: Fish Circus 1, 133.00, 3rd Place: Loose Knot 1, 124.76, 4th Place: Coastal Builders III, 124.20, 5th Place: Dare Marina 1, 123.75, 6th Place: Ocean’s East 3, 122.95, 7th Place: Top Dog-Georgi, 121.30.

Things started off with a bang for this year’s Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Tournament. Team Trophy Stalker was our second weigh in of the tournament and what a weigh-in it was! While there were several 50 lb. plus fish weighed in, and some serious weights recorded, this weight would hold all the way through Saturday. Pushing Trophy Stalker to the win with a payout of over $58,000!

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