12th Annual December 2014

12th Annual Tournament Payout December 2014

With this year’s changes to the dates, moving the tournament from the second week of January to the week between Christmas and New Years, anglers were able to fish the Chesapeake Bay prior to the January 1st restrictions on Bay fishing. After seeing only one fish caught the past two years, tournament director, Mike Standing, felt this would offer the anglers a better shot at catching fish…and it became apparent on day one at the weigh-in stations that he was right! Numerous fish were weighed in and over the two day tournament and 13 lucky teams went home with their piece of the big money pie.

First Place Winners from Team LeGrande Slam took home a check for over $23,000 from the $111,000 payout!

DECEMBER 28-29, 2014:

1st Place: LeGrande Slam, 125.80 Lbs.
2nd Place: Smooth Move 2, 125.15 Lbs.
3rd Place: Coastal Builders 1, 120.50 Lbs.
4th Place: Amazing Grace 1, 120.05 Lbs.
5th Place: All 4 Fun 1, 99.75 Lbs.
6th Place: Redhawk 1, 90.50 Lbs.
7th Place: Wanchese 1, 87.55 Lbs.

Total Payout—$111,180!!!

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