10th Annual Rockfish Shootout 2013

Tournament Payout 2013

The 10th Annual Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout was yet again another huge success—with anglers coming from up and down the East Coast and beyond to fish for the big ones.  The tournament saw in increase in participation and payout, with 179 teams vying for the big payout of $217,654!!!  The wind and weather cooperated, however, the fish did not and after two days with 55 teams fishing each of the days no fish were caught.  Period.  Yet again the use of the Garmin GPS units kept the anglers honest and even though they could see the fish a few miles past the 3-mile demarcation line none ventured beyond that.  Finally, around 12:30 on day three, with an hour and a half before lines had to be out of the water, the Miss Susie II, captained by Greg Buckner hooked a fish on the line and reeled it in.  After three days, countless anglers trying and 179 boats in the water, only one fish, weighing 30.55 lbs. brought a payout of over $175,000 to the winning team.  The rest of the prize money for places 2-7 was raffled off…making for an exciting tournament right on through the awards banquet and was awarded as follows:

2nd Place: Dirty Murph, $15,510, 3rd Place: Seakeeper 2, $9,306, 4th Place: Max King’s Marine, $6,204, 5th Place: Jezebel, $4653, 6th Place: Sportsman 1, $2326.50, 7th Place: Reel Freedom, $775. Tuna Calcutta Drawing: Pimpfish Pirates Boat 120, $5,456. Early Bird Raffles: Daddy’s Dream, $1000, Fin Seeker, $1000, Murphy’s Irish Pub, $1000. Congratulations and thanks for a really fun tournament!

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Hayes Photography

Miss Susie II Catching the big one in the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout. Video Courtesy of the Miss Susie II crew and Keith Wrenn of KW Filmz.

And here’s the crew on the Hampton Roads Show – footgage courtesy of Keith Wrenn of KW Filmz.

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