How many anglers per boat entry may fish the tournament?
The Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout is a TEAM tournament and there is no limit to the number of anglers or team members per entry, however, there must be at least two (2) members per entry. You must also designate one of your team members as the team captain.

How many tournament days does my team entry fee cover?
One tournament day, please see explanation following:  
Any boat may enter all eligible days so long as it enters as a different team name each day. This is a one-day tournament, however, you may fish both days if you pay two entry fees and enter under a different team name on each of the two days.
For example, if you would like to fish both days, you would enter under your team name as follows: Team Waterman’s 1 and Team Waterman’s 2, and you would pay a separate entry for each day, along with separate skill levels if you so choose.

When and where is the Captain’s Meeting?
The Captain’s Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 7:30pm at Chix Seaside Grille, 7th &  Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA  23451.  Registration is from 3pm unit 10pm at this location.

Is the Captain’s Meeting mandatory?
Yes. If your team captain is unable to attend the captain’s meeting, you must contact the tournament at 757.319.5146.

What are the fishing hours and from where do I start?

Lines in at 8:00am, lines out at 2pm – you may leave from any inlet in Virginia. The Northern boundary is the Wachapreague sea buoy and the Southern Boundary is the sea buoy at Oregon Inlet. Only fish caught between 8:00am and 2pm will be eligible for weigh-in.

Where can I weigh in my fish?
Weigh in your eligible fish at Kings Creek Marina on the Eastern Shore, between 2pm and 5pm.

How does the Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout work scoring?

Your team receives one (1) point per pound. In case of a tie, the fish that are weighed first shall be deemed the winner.

Are there any recommended hotels or great angler rates for the tournament?

Please take a look at the home page of our website for our partner hotels. We proudly work with our hotel partners to get you the best rates not just during the tournament but many offer great rates to our anglers all rockfish season long! When booking your hotel, please remember to help support those who support our great tournament!

Where will daily score updates be posted?

Daily score updates will be posted and updated at the weigh in stations and updated as much as possible on our Facebook Page. After the day’s weigh in has been completed, scores can be found on our website at www.midatlanticrockfishshootout.com, on Facebook, or you can call 757.319.5146 for a recorded update.

What number should I call during the tournament if I should have any questions?
You may call or text our tournament phone during the hours of 7:00am and 10:00pm with any questions. The tournament phone number is 757.319.5146.

What happens if the weather both days is unfishable?

If all three days are cancelled, the tournament reserves the right to hold the tournament on Sunday.  The tournament will be determined by 5pm, Saturday, if Sunday, will be fished. For updated messages, please call 757.319.5146.


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